Cross-Border Regulations 跨國界僑批管理

Delivery of the Teochew Letters was subjected to various cross-border regulatory checks in different times of history. These include routine processing by the letter/remittance agencies and the Post Office, surveillance across frontlines during war and peacetime inspection by the maritime customs.The multiple stamps on the covers leave behind traces of the examinations carried out on every Teochew Letter in its passage between two lands.


僑批運送在不同時期有不同的管理, 如批信局和郵局的日常檢查, 戰爭時期雙方交戰地的嚴密勘察, 建國後海關的反復查驗。由僑批上的蓋印, 可以看出當時社會對僑批遞送的管理。