Eight Counties of Teochew 僑批集散地 - 潮州八邑縣 

During the late Qing era, the Teochew Prefecture was divided into eight counties, namely Chao’an (Teochew pronunciation: Tiê-An), Chenghai (Thêng-Hái), Raoping (Jiôu-Phêng), Jieyang (Kik-Yêⁿ), Chaoyang (Tiê-Yêⁿ), Puning (Phou-Lêng), Huilai (Hui-Lai) and Fengshun (Hong-Sūn). The Teochews who went abroad often socialised according to their counties of origin. Hence most overseas Teochew clan associations are formally known as the “Association of the Eight Teochew Counties”. Majority of the Teochew Letters collected so far belong to families in Chao’an and Chenghai, which were most active in external trade and had the largest number of emigrants. In comparison, Teochew Letters obtained from Chaoyang, Puning and Huilai are hard to come by.


晚清時期潮州府分為八邑, 分別是潮安、澄海、饒平、揭陽、潮陽、普甯、惠來、豐順。現收藏的僑批文物中,以寄往對外商業最發達、移民人數較多的潮安和澄海的最多。相比之下,在潮陽、普甯、惠來一帶收藏到的僑批較為稀有。


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