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ABOUT 關於僑批
Teochew Letters 潮州侨批
Teochew Letters 潮州侨批
Teochew Letters 潮州侨批
Teochew Letters 潮州侨批

Read more about what are Teochew Letters.

Watch our moving two-part documentary about the real life stories behind the Teochew Letters.

Learn more about the rich trove of information contained in the Teochew Letters that reveals the social history of the Teochew people and the countries they lived in.

Listen to Teochew Letters read in different dialects spoken in the Teochew region

Teochew Letters database 僑批數據庫

A digital database containing tens of thousands of original and scanned copies of Teochew Letters sent between different parts of Southeast Asia and the Teochew region has now been made available by the Shantou University Library Special Collections Department. Searches can be conducted in Chinese keywords in various fields, including title, name of sender, sending place, name of receiver, receiving place, year of letter, name of letter agency and remittance amount etc. 



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