Juyi Seal 如意印

Thumb-sized imprints, often red in colour, are found in many Teochew Letters,on the words of the opening greetings and near the tail-end where the remittance amount is stated.The prints are usually words of well-wishes, such as juyi 如意 ("as one wishes"), peng'an 平安 ("peace"), or gig-siang 吉祥 ("auspicious"), embellished with flowery decorations. The seals used to make these imprints are known as juyi seals.Like a kiss from the lips of the sender, the mark of every juyi seal not only authenticated important information, but also conveyed the innermost desire for the well-being of love ones.


在已收集到的僑批收藏中, 可以看到每封信的開頭及落款處都蓋有一個拇指大小的印章, 多為紅色, 圖案以花草為主, 上面刻有"平安", "吉祥" 等字樣,該印章稱為"如意印"。華僑寄批及家人回批, 都會在信內以及批封蓋上如意印, 象徵平安吉祥