Lives in the Letters 僑批中的華僑故事

The Teochew Letters inscribe the lives of Teochew families kept apart by economic realities in a bygone past. The stories within disclose the affections of children for their parents, the longing between couples living apart and the emotional support that lent strength to siblings.A selection of three stories are presented here to provide insights into the lives of a group of people separated far from their families.


僑批不僅是記載潮州華僑的歷史證物, 信中的內容也述說當年華僑在外與家鄉親人的故事, 如子女對父母的問候, 夫妻間的掛念, 兄弟姐妹間的照顧扶持。本部分選取三則典型故事, 每一段都真摯動人, 形象地再現當年遊子在外的情景。