Pue-kha & His Three Precious 派送僑批三件寶

The men responsible for delivering the remittance money and the Teochew Letters to the doorsteps of every household were known affectionally as Pue-kah 批脚, literally the "Letter Legs“. They shouldered the great burden of passing every dollar and every letter into the hands of expecting family members in an era when home addresses were merely vague descriptions and travel was mostly on foot. Even so, they fulfilled their duties reliably with the aid of their Three Precious – the market basket for carrying the remittance money, the canvas sling-bag for the letters and the paper umbrella for shelter from the elements and protection from wild beasts.


潮州僑批歷史中專門負責把批信派送到每家每戶的人被稱作"批腳"。在房子極其簡陋,水泥路和現代交通工具未出現的年代裡,華僑寄回家鄉的批信就是靠批腳們挨家挨戶步行,安全送達收批人手中。伴隨批腳肩負送批重任的三樣必備物品是: 市籃 (裝放批銀);布袋 (裝放僑批);紙傘 (以防雨天和惡犬), 俗稱為批腳們的"派送僑批三件寶"。