Special Historical Periods 特殊時期的僑批

Neither war nor revolution could sever the flow of letters between the overseas Teochews and their families. The envelopes, writing paper and content of letters from the special periods of history contain many features telling of the spirit of the times.These letters are now invaluable artefacts documenting the experiences and emotions of a people facing the most adverse of situations. A selection of letters from the Second World War, the Disaster Years of 1959 to 1961 and the Cultural Revolution, is shared here to provide glimpses into these traumatic days.


僑批發展過程中, 經歷中國幾個特殊歷史時期。特殊時期僑批上的各種體現, 如批封加蓋抗戰宣傳口號,信箋上印製"愛國"標語等, 一反映了社會的潮流和現狀,是歷史有力的文物見證。本部分選取了部分抗日戰爭、新中國成立三年自然災害以及文化大革命三個時期的僑批, 展示特殊時期僑批形式。